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Jeff Fisher's Friday Practice Report

(On where Vince Young will watch the game)

I haven't decided yet, no. I welcome all your input and then I'll decide. Whatever you guys think is best for Vince is what we'll do. No, I haven't decided.

(On LenDale White's status)

Everybody's good. Everybody practiced full speed with the exception of Vince [Young] and Vince threw much better today and was moving around. It looks like we'll be a healthy ball club going into the ball game.

 (On if Chris Simms is fitting in with the team like they planned)

Oh yeah. He’s making a lot of the throws now and he’s really improved. It takes a time period to get used to the receivers and that was the case when Kerry [Collins] got in for the first couple days. He’s making a lot of throws against the defense.

(On if the pass game will need to loosen things up more than ever against a stout Minnesota defense)

Going into this ball game we had a lot that we had to do to be successful. We have to find a way to run it, we have to protect the quarterback and make some plays down field. They’re not going to be wide-open plays, they’re going to be tight throws and great catches and that’s the nature of their defense. We hope to be able to force that on them as well. Handle their run game, which is literally impossible to do, you have to manage it. And then just try to eliminate the big plays.

(On if Steve Hutchinson and Matt Birk will be the biggest test for Albert Haynesworth this year)

Albert’s going to move around like he has and they’re two very good players. They’re very, very talented and so he’ll have his hands full but he has a tendency to rise to the occasion.

(On the Vikings defensive line against the Titans offensive line)

There’s always a chance that they’ll send extra people but they haven’t had to. That’s the tough part about their defense is they collapse the pocket very, very quickly with the four-man rush.

(On Michael Roos vs. Jared Allen)

The good part for Mike [Michael Roos] is that there’s familiarity. Jared [Allen] is like Kyle [Vanden Bosch], he’s going to go every down and go as hard as he can. It’s going to be a great battle. They’re two very talented players and something gives every once in a while we just have to make sure we’re smart.

(On how big a challenge it is to play somewhere for the first time)

We take a business-like approach wherever we go and we try to follow the same schedule. A road trip is a road trip. You go out there and disregard everything else and avoid distractions and do the best you can to play. They’re an experienced team with an experienced guy under center so I’m sure they’ll do the same. We just hope that we get the help from the crowd and we can get off to a good start.