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Jeff Fisher's Thursday Practice Report

(On Justin McCareins' status)

He practiced and didn't have any problem with it.

(On Justin Gage's status)

Yeah, Justin practiced. Both Justins practiced. Everybody practiced except for Vince [Young] and LenDale [White] was limited so we're in good shape.

 (On how Justin Gage’s return helps the offense)

Well, it helps. Both Justin [Gage] and Justin [McCareins] know where to get to and where to be and how to get there. It’s good to have him back. Brandon [Jones] filled in nicely, he’s the third receiver to come in and made some plays last week. Chris Davis made some plays. Hawk [Lavelle Hawkins] is ready to play so getting everybody back to full speed at the receiver position is good.

(On if he anticipates this being a high or low scoring game)

That’s a hard question and it’s a hard answer. I guess just come out and watch.

(On what Bobby Wade has brought to the Vikings)

He’s a very good possession receiver and he also provides return skills for them.

(On where Vince Young will watch the game and if he will be in uniform)

If he’s able to play we will put him in uniform. That’s the question we have to answer before game time. As far as where he’s going to be, I haven’t decided yet.

(On what the advantage would be of having Vince Young watch the game from the coach’s box again)

Just to repeat the exercise from last week, which was very good for him. To get the huddle call and watch things unfold, watch the defense. [It’s] just a different perspective on how the defense is deployed and then [he can] watch Kerry [Collins] make decisions. He can make decisions on his own upstairs and then it’s like he’s playing the game from a different perspective.

(On if Vince Young needs to practice first before he is in uniform for a game)

Again, we’re going to make the decision based on how he’s feeling.

(On if they are still expanding the offense)

What we’re doing is putting together a game plan that gives us the best chance to be successful based on what we’ve seen and what we anticipate. You expand at times and sometimes you take some things back. There’s no issues, or limitations I should say, as far as what Kerry [Collins] can handle.

(On if the offensive expansion is hindered at all by injuries)

No, it has not had an effect on it. Anybody that we put in the ball game we expect to be able to execute the game plan.

(On if starting Stephen Tulloch is a situational decision)

We like the matchup this week as I said yesterday.