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5 Questions with Vikings Vigil

I caught up with Andrew Kneeland of Viking Vigil for 5 questions about his Vikings.

MCM- What are your thoughts on the switch from Tarvaris Jackson to Gus Frerotte?

VV- To put it simply; it was the wrong move but had the right result. The Minnesota playcalling, prior to Week 3, had been absolutely horrendous and I was convinced that Tom Brady couldn't put up decent numbers were he in Jackson's shoes. Coach Childress was limiting Jackson in terms of pass attempts and was not allowing him to get into a groove. Not only was Childress pounding Adrian Peterson to the ground, but when Jackson was called upon to make a big throw he simply wasn't in a rhthym. Then Frerotte comes out and plays like he did against the Panthers and seemingly ends the discussion. If he can play like that all season, I'll obvoiusly have no objections. I will, however, hold a small grudge for the benching of Jackson. I don't believe he is a good quarterback, but I do believe that no quarterback should have been benched under those circumstances.

MCM- How healthy is Adrian Peterson?

VV- According to Peterson he is almost perfect. He said his hamstring didn't bother him at all last week, and that it held up accordingly. I wouldn't expect him to be limited at all against the Titans.

MCM- A lot of people, myself included, think these 2 teams are very similar.  In your opinion, what do the Vikings do better in regard to running the football and stopping the run than the Titans?

VV- In terms of running the ball, the Vikings have Adrian Peterson. Not to be cocky, but he is simply a better runner than LenDale White and Chris Johnson. Peterson also knows how to dish out the hits, which may, we can only imply, make some tacklers hesitant, which leads to more yards. As to stopping the run, the Vikings are lucky to find themselves with four freaks of nature. All four, but Kevin Williams in particular, possess an usual combination of speed, athleticism, and size. They have good quickness off the ball and are great at positioning themselves. I would also say that the Minnesota linebackers, particularily EJ Henderson, are superb against the run, while they lack in pass defense.

MCM-The Vikes' pass defense was pretty bad last season.  Have the improved any?

VV- Sure, it's improved. It can't go anywhere but up, as the Vikings had the worst pass defense last year. They brought on safety Madieu Williams, but he is hurt and unlikely to play agianst Tennessee. Rookie Tyrell Johnson will take his place, and he has been just fine. The Vikings are still not great against the pass, but they're not as bad as last year. The Titans have a potential to throw all over the Vikings, but then again, so does everybody else.

MCM- What are the Vikings' two biggest weaknesses?

VV- One - Coaching and playcalling. It was better last week, but it can potentially be the Vikings' downfall. Two - pass defense.

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