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Sunday is Going to be Fun

This team has a chance on Sunday to start 4-0 for the first time since they have been the Titans.  I honestly cannot remember a time since 2000 that expectations have been as high as they are right now.  It is a fun time to be a fan of the Titans.

This game Sunday will be exciting.  I have never seen as much trash talk on this site for a non-division game.  The Minnesota Vikings are a good football team that is very similar to the Titans.  There has been a lot of debate here and over at DN about who is better at the 2 things these teams hang their hats on, running the ball and stopping the run, but the bottom line is that both teams are very good at both.

The one thing that the Viking fans seems to underestimating is how good the Titans' offensive line is.  The Vikings do have a really, really good run defense, but they have yet to face an O line as good as the Titans' O line this season.  On the flip side, the Titans have yet to face a D line as good as the Vikings' D line this season.  That is going to be the best battle to watch on Sunday.

If you are a Titans' fan and you say that Adrian Peterson doesn't scare you, stop lying to yourself.  Peterson is a very special back that has that rare blend of speed and power that make a back dangerous every time he touches the ball.  I think the Titans defense is up to the challenge of containing AP, but they better tackle better than they did last Sunday against the Texans or it will be a long day.

This game has all the makings of being a good ole fashioned slugfest, and those are my favorite games.