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Titans 31 Texans 12 Film Review

2nd Quarter

-Kerry Collins had all day to throw on the first play of the quarter.  He ended up wisely throwing away

-Great play call by Dinger on 3rd and 2 to send everyone left except for Collins and Bo Scaife.  Scaife made a great play to get into the end zone

-The Titans defense got toasted on the tight end screen that started the next drive.  No one was home on the back side of the defense

-Albert Haynesworth jumps offsides a lot

-Nick Harper made a fantastic play to knock the ball away from Andre Johnson in the end zone

-Matt Schaub made a great throw to Owen Daniels to get the ball in a tiny window between Harper and David Thornton

-William Hayes lost the backside contain and allowed Schaub to pick up a big gain on the bootleg

-Jevon Kearse did a great job of keeping that contain on the next play

-The Titans defense just opened up and let Steve Slaton run in for the 6-yard TD run.  That was the point where we were starting to get a little worried about the D, but they made the proper adjustments

-Another great throw on time by Collins to Justin McCareins to start the next drive

-I love watching The Round Mound run over people

-The throw to McCareins wasn't even close to being a catch.  Great job by Collins to get the Titans to the line and run a play before Kubiak got a chance to see it again.  Fisher said on his show last night they have a play called for just that situation.

-The Titans got another break on the TD run.  He might have extended the ball over the goal line, but it was really close

-The Titans did the worst job of tackling so far this season in this game.  They better get that fixed before AP comes to town

-Great hit by Michael Griffin to knock Johnson out of bounds on 3rd down on the next drive

-I would have liked to see the Titans take a shot down the field on the drive that started at 2:08, but that isn't Fisher's style.  Plus it looks like he is just waiting for Crazy Legs to break one in those situations 

-Mario Williams made his one play of the day on this drive when he knocked the ball out of Collins's hands

Halftime Titans 21 Texans 12

3rd Quarter

-Alge Crumpler absolutely blew up Fred Bennett

-I love Ahmard Hall as much as anyone, but give the ball to The Round Mound on 3rd and 1

-Fat Albert ate Slaton on the Texans' first drive of the 2nd half

-Cortland Finnegan did a great job of taking on an offensive lineman and making the play on the toss sweep

-Again Collins makes a great back shoulder throw to McCareins

-Crumpler had a rare drop on that same drive

-Crazy Legs would have had a huge gain on the screen pass on 3rd down if Collins could have gotten him the ball

-Rob Bironas is automatic

-Hard to say who was out of position on the 49-yard pass to Davis

-Finnegan and Hope were both in position on the next play to knock the pass away in the end zone

-The defense stood up again after the big play.  They were all over the screen pass on 4th down

-Kearse just straight ran past the right tackle for his first full sack of the season

-Nice job by Reynaldo Hill to run out of bounds for a while

-Another big gainer on the TE screen

End of 3rd Quarter Titans 24 Texans 12

4th Quarter

-The quarter opened with the Titans allowing a lot of little dink and dump type stuff

-Fisher went nuts on the play where the Texans' FB moved and no false start was called

-Eric King made a huge play after Ryan Fowler wiffed on the screen pass to Slaton

-Johnson just stepped inside Finnegan on the 4th down play

-I love this next sequence: 1st and goal at the 4, gain of 2.  2nd and goal at the 1, incomplete on a good play by King.  3rd and goal at the 1, great tackle by King, loss of 1.  4th and goal at the 2, gain of 1.

-It would have been nice to see the Titans offense pick up a first down on the next drive to keep Hentrich from punting out of his own end zone

-4th and 10- Great closing speed by Griffin to get over there and pick off the pass

-The coverage on kicks and punts was better overall in this game, except for the last punt.  The call on Fuller was crap

-Another great sequence for the D: 2nd and 2 from the 3, loss of 2.  3rd and 5 from the 5, another false start, sack.  4th and 10 from the 11, pick 6 by Finnegan, GAME OVER