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NFL Notes: Plaxico Burress Suspended 2 Weeks; Millen Fired

There are a few interesting things going on around the league this morning:

New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress has been suspended 2 weeks by the team for an undisclosed violation of team rules.  He didn't show up at the facility on Monday.  I wonder if there was a man hunt for him.

The Detroit Lions have finally fired Matt Millen.  The real news here is trying to figure out why it took them so long.  Question for discussion below:  Of the Raiders, the Cardinals, and the Lions, which is the most poorly run NFL franchise?

The St. Louis Rams have decided to bench Marc Bulger in favor of Trent Green.  Glad Green is finally getting his shot in St. Louis.

This afternoon we will finish up the film review from Sunday and start to look at the Vikings.  We have 2 blogs to do 5 questions with about the Vikings, so please continue to suggest questions for me to ask.