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Titans 31 Texans 12: 1st Quarter Film Review

-Great first series by the defense

-Obviously a bad first throw by Collins, but he did make a nice tackle

-The Titans caught a big break when Andre Johnson let that pass go through his hands in the end zone on 2nd down

-Albert Haynesworth own Matt Schaub

-Huge for the defense to hold to a field goal there

-Brandon Jones made a great move to pick up the first down on third and 2.  I was very critical of Jones before the season started, but he has played well so far

-What about Collins running for 12 yards on the bootleg?

-Collins made a great throw in a small window to B. Jones

-Nice to see Chris Davis making a big catch.  I know that play gave the Texans flashbacks of the throw to Roydell Williams from Collins in Houston last season.  Collins throw that route really well

-I wish they would have shown a replay of the throw to Alge Crumpler in the end zone.  It wouldn't have counted anyway because of the penalty, but I just wanted to see if he did catch it

-Great call by Jeff Fisher to go for it on 4th and 1.  It helps when you have a back like The Round Mound to pound people

-Michael Griffin is a stud

-Bo Scaife almost made an incredible catch on the play where "Super Mario" Williams was offsides.  A good throw there would have been a big gain.  Also, Mario isn't so "Super" when facing Michael Roos

-Justin McCareins has to hang on to the ball there.  I am not impressed with McCareins to this point

-A few things about the 50 yard run for Slaton

  1. Tony Brown had a good shot to bring him down in the backfield but got tackled himself
  2. Keith Bulluck was held like a champ on the play
  3. I am not sure a horse collar should have been called there because Hope did have his hand around the front side
  4. -The defense stood up deep in their own territory again

    -Collins missed McCareins on what would have been a touchdown on the first play following the field goal

    -I can't believe the Texans didn't respect the ability of Collins to beat them with his legs

    End of the first quarter Titans 7 Texans 6