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Roydell Williams Could Pursue Injury Grievance Against the Tennessee Titans

One of the agents for Roydell Williams has said they are thinking about filing an injury grievance against the Titans because his ankle is not 100%:

“We’re going to get Roydell a second opinion on his ankle this week,” agent Rick Roberts said. “Common sense tells you he was hurt and he that wasn’t ready to play. You guys [media] saw that, and we saw that.

“He was getting shots in his ankle and pushed back onto the playing field and at the end of it, they just gave him a high five, said he did his best, but just couldn’t do it. Luckily for us, that’s not the way the NFL works.”

It appears the issue here is whether or not his ankle was 100% when they took him off the PUP list earlier in camp.  Roydell's camp claims that it was not. 

Every player is supposed to get a physical at the time of their release.  If they are healthy they sign off on it, if they aren't then they don't sign it and they can get a second opinion from a neutral doctor.  If said neutral doctor determines that Roydell should not have been activated, then a grievence will be filed and all of his money will count against the Titans cap for this season.  Terry McCormick reports that Roydell's base salary this season was $520,000 and with bonuses included it would be about a $1 million cap hit.