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Jeff Fisher's Thursday Practice Report


(On Chris Johnson and LenDale White's carries being split almost exactly 50/50)

Well, we were 15 a piece last week. We're not counting them but you just get a feel. They're unselfishly rotating and there are times we'd prefer to have one in the game other than the other but hopefully that will continue.

(On if a rhythm develops in the running back rotation process)

Yeah, well there is. What's hard to do is go in for one play and come out. So you typically go a series or three or four plays or at least the first and second downs, and then first, second and one will come in on third down. That's kind of how the rotation has evolved.

(On his sense of how Houston has used Steve Slaton and Chris Taylor)

We just have one game. 30 [Ahman Green] had some injury issues and then [Steve] Slaton goes in and he played and played well so I can't really get a feel for what they're doing. Typically speaking, the offense that they're using is going to rotate backs and keep backs fresh so that's what we expect.

(On if they prepare to face Sage Rosenfels at all after Matt Schaub was injured against the Titans last year)

We're familiar with both of them, what they can do. One's just slightly more mobile than the other and [Matt] Schaub really does a good job. You go back and look at what they did the preseason and like I said, it was promising. He's going to get rid of the ball on time, he's going to not get hit. That's how they protect their quarterback, they disperse everybody very evenly and they get the ball out. It's the design of the offense. It's a different Houston Texan offense than it has been in the past.

(On Albert Haynesworth's suggestion that the Titans should run a two-quarterback system)

You know, we'll obviously begin to sit down and we'll consult with him once a week on decisions that we make.

(On Kerry Collins physical shape)

Oh, he's in great shape. He's probably where he was in college, I mean he's lost a lot of weight and he's running around. He's moving the pocket well. He made a great play, a play that he may not have made last year, in the ball game. [He got] flushed out to his left and threw across his body. So he can get out of trouble and make a play.

(On if he asked Kerry Collins to lose weight last year or if it was done by Collins himself)

No, he did it on his own. He was productive for us last year and effective. He worked hard.

(On his thoughts on Kerry Collins and his longevity and his ability to still play quarterback at a high level)

Yeah, we went through that with Neil [O'Donnell]. Neil had been a few places and came in and still did it well for us and that's the same with Kerry [Collins]. His numbers are quite impressive if you really think about what he's done. He's in great shape and loves to practice, enjoys the game plan. We'll see how well he plays.

(On if he likes Kerry Collins proclaiming that he wants to make the Titans his team now that he's starting)

That's what should come out of the quarterback position, regardless of who's playing the position. When you play quarterback you've automatically been anointed the leader and so it's the nature of the position. You expect him to say that.

(On if he addressed the team on Roger Goodell's announcement today about player safety)

We discussed it, I discussed it with them. It's just a reminder that player's safety is first and foremost on Sundays, that players will be penalized if things get out of hand or if there are some egregious hits. The officials are told to err on the side of caution. If they think it's a helmet-to-helmet then let it fly, and if it's not, so be it. But just try to keep the unnecessary hits out of the game.