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How Do You Feel About this Sunday's Game?

It has been a good week to be a Titans fan.  The offense looked revamped under Kerry Collins in Cincinnati, and the defense continued their domination.  Combine that with the Jaguars 0-2 start and the injury to Colts safety Bob Sanders, it is looking like the division could be ripe for the picking.  Am I saying that the those teams are done?  Absolutely not, but the gap between those teams and the Titans is gone.

Now you look up and the Houston Texans are coming to town.  The Titans have pretty much owned the Texans since they became an NFL franchise, but this is a new year.  People seem to forget that even though the Titans are 10-2 against the Texans, the games are never easy.  Both of last season's games came right down to the wire.

It will be interesing to see how the Texans come out for this game after a week of dealing with Hurricane Ike.  Most times you will see a team come out either really inspired or really flat following a week with some event like that.  The Titans better be ready for an inspired Texans team.

I expect the Titans to win this game and improve to 3-0, but it won't be easy.  I welcome your thoughts..