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Vikings Bench Tarvaris Jackson Go With Gus Frerotte

The Vikings must be paying attention to what is going on in Nashville because today they have decided to bench 3rd year quarterback Tarvaris Jackson in favor of veteran Gus Frerotte 

The similarities between this Vikings situation and the situation here with Vince Young and Kerry Collins are very similar.  Both teams think they have a shot at having a very special season because both have excellent running games and excellent defenses.  Both Jackson and VY were guys that were thought to be able to do a lot of special things from the quarterback position.  Both teams have apparently decided they are better in the hands of a veteran who should take care of the ball than an inconsistent younger quarterback with a lot of upside. 

The only difference is the Titans are 2-0 and the Vikings are 0-2. 

The move in Nashville worked great in week 1 of the experiment.  It will be interesting to see if the Vikings have a similar experince.  We will get to see the Vikings and Frerotte next week in Nashville.