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Titans 24 Bengals 7 Quick Recap

It feels good to be 2-0.  The Titans have typically been slow starters so it is a relief to see them win their first two.

Kerry Collins looked good today.  His numbers weren't staggering, 14-21, 128, 1 TD, but he put up exactly the numbers this team needs from thier quarterback. 

Chris Johnson was really good again.  I think we will see a lot of games like this where he goes for carries of something like 2,3, 2, 4, and then 51.  It is exciting every time he touches the ball.

This defense is outstanding.  They gave up some yards today, but they were able to make the big plays when it counted.  They said on the radio that Jason Jones got a piece of the missed field goal, and of course their was Keith Bulluck who blocked a punt and recovered it for a touchdown to put the ball away.

The special teams was pretty bad again, but we won't talk about that right now.  Let's enjoy 2-0.  August will have the links in the morning.