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Tennessee Titans @ Cincinnati Bengals Preview

If you need something to help you get fired up for this game click here.  That game happened in the mist of a bad 3 game swing for the Titans when Albert Haynesworth was sidelined with a hamstring injury.  There is a chance that Fat Albert won't play tomorrow, but this defense is better than that one.

Last year Carson Palmer had the game of his life going 32 of 38 for 283 yards with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception.  Palmer had pretty much all day to throw and was only sacked one time.  Tomorrow the formula to winning is pretty simple; Get pressure on Palmer.  If he is able to sit back there and go through his progressions all day, he will pick apart the Titans' defense.  If he is being chased around all day, he will make some mistakes.

It would be awesome to see Cortland Finnegan continue the success that he had last week.  Finnegan is one of the best cornerbacks in the league, and this is the perfect opportunity for him to prove that against a really good passing offense.

Since this worked last week, here are the four letter "expert" picks:

Titansbengals_mediumMortensen has made his pick, and he picked the Bengals.  I can't believe he abandoned the Titans after being the only one to pick them last week.

Of course the Titans game plan will be to run the ball about 30 times.  I think Chris Johnson will have a huge day against a Bengals defense that is not very good.  CJ will wear the defense down, and then LenDale White will come in and roll over them.

Collins_medium And then there is the first start of the mini-Kerry Collins era.  Collins will get the ball out quickly, and should get it where it is supposed to go.  The passing game will look a lot different.  It is yet to be seen whether it is good or bad different.

Obviously I hope he plays well.  I am still of the belief that if both Collins and Vince Young are 100% healthy (mentally and physically) that VY is the better option.  Collins gets the chance tomorrow to prove me wrong.  

This is a game the Titans need to win.  They will be the better team on both sides of the ball so there is no reason they shouldn't come back to Nashville 2-0.