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Jeff Fisher's Friday Practice Report


(On Chris Simms' progression)

He's getting a feel for it. We'll have a sufficient enough package for him. He's got a good enough feel for it.

(On Kerry Collins getting a full week of practice as the starting quarterback)

Well, the last time he did was at Houston last year. We didn't score touchdowns but we got ourselves in scoring position many, many times throughout the ballgame. We moved the football well. He didn't make any mistakes and won the game for us at the end. He feels good. He's veteran enough that even though he doesn't get the actual reps, he's prepared every week so he'll have a better sense and feel for what he's doing. He's had a really good week of practice.

(On if there's additional pressure on the offensive line since Kerry Collins is not too mobile)

No, he'll get rid of the football and he understands things. He knows that if they start heating it up than we need to adjust and he knows where to go with the football.

(On Albert Haynesworth)

He's getting better. He'll be a game-time decision. He's listed as questionable today.

(On Jacob Ford and Quinton Ganther)

Neither one of them practiced and they'll be questionable.

(On getting pressure up front on Cincinnati)

We're hoping but they're very good up front and I'm sure they corrected what happened last week. It will be a priority to them all weekend on Sunday to protect the quarterback.

(On Vince Young not making the trip to Cincinnati)

We typically don't take injured players on road trips. He'd do what any other injured player would do that doesn't go on road trips and that would be stay behind and rehab.

(On Cincinnati's run game)

Well, they've got great balance in their offense. Carson [Palmer] puts them in position. If they get a defense that says run it, they'll run it. If they get a defense that says throw it, they'll throw it. You're going to have to stop the run with a seven-man box and you're going to have to be able to handle the passing game one-on-one outside. That's the only chance you have to beat them.

(On Lavelle Hawkins status)

Hawk [Lavelle Hawkins] is not having any problem with his ankle right now. We're just trying to get him caught up in the offense. He's getting close and he's getting better.