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Jeff Fisher's Thursday Practice Report


(On Albert Haynesworth’s status)

He’s doing better. When you have the mild concussion symptoms you have to not put him in any situations where he’d be involved in any collisions for a few days, so we’re waiting. But he’s been conditioning inside and he should be fine.

(On being as cautious with Albert Haynesworth and they were with Nick Harper when he suffered a concussion)

Each case is different. Each case is unique based on our baseline studies so you have to vary it. We do evaluations and we’re constantly evaluating them.

(On the impact of Albert Haynesworth on the defense)

Obviously, he’s a very important part of our defense and we’re hoping we have him available for Sunday.

(On if Albert Haynesworth could convince team doctors he’s ready to play when he may not be)

No, that’s not possible. He actually was the other way after the ballgame. The doctors were realistic and very practical, cautious, and for some reason he didn’t remember, at least claimed he didn’t remember much. So we have a protocol that we follow and it’s been working.

(On if the team has returned to normal after the events of the past few days)

Everything that goes on inside and outside is normal, and it’s been normal. Today was a great practice, I was really proud and it didn’t have anything to do with what happened the last couple days, it had to do with execution and preparation.

(On if he anticipates more of a pass rush with Kerry Collins being less mobile than Vince Young)

You have to be prepared for everything and Kerry is actually pretty good at that. He understands that, he sees it, he makes good decisions, he can throw the ball. Some quarterbacks can beat the blitz with their legs sometimes, many of them can beat it with their arm. If I was on the other side, I would be cautious because of his experience.

(On how important it is to put pressure on Carson Palmer)

Obviously, our defensive line has to be able to collapse the pocket quickly and we can’t let him hold on to it. If he holds on to it, he can wait until things happen. He can make big plays down the field.

(On if he senses any extra motivation after last year’s game against the Bengals)

No, they’re motivated because it’s week 2, it’s our next game. You correct what happened last year, we did that following the game. We made adjustments in the game plan and now we’re just going to go try to win this one.

(On if he feels teams will start to adjust to Chris Johnson after his week 1 performance)

We are. We also are prepared to expand. That’s why he’s here and what we have to do is do different things. If you get an adjustment here than we have to be ready to counter with it.