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Vince Young Addresses The Media

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Jim Wyatt at the Tennessean appears to the first to report it, and we'll post a full transcript when one is found:

Young said the events of the week have been overblown by media, and his mom overreacted when she expressed concern to Fisher earlier in the week.


“I’m fine. I’m good,’’ he said. “I just needed a day-and-a half to get through some things and how to handle things, but now I am OK. I was never depressed, I just hurt a little bit. … When it happens again I’ll know how to handle it.

“I just want everyone in the world to know I am fine.’’

Young admitted he was bothered by the boos from the fans at LP Field during Sunday's 17-10 victory over Jacksonville but knows he has to do a better job of dealing with it.

“It was my first time getting booed,’’ Young said. “I didn’t know how to handle that.’’


He said he didn’t refuse to go back into the game despite impressions raised during a sideline incident in the fourth quarter.

This reassurance was much needed by many considering the circumstances that had been reported and written about over the past few days.  There's certainly been a tremendous reaction at the national and local levels.

* Site note: Jimmy is going to be busy over the next few days welcoming his new child into the world!  I'm sure he'll pop-in when he gets a chance, but I'll try to pick up some of the slack while he gets the baby off on the right foot... into a Titans onesie! 

*Update: The Titans website now has Teresa Walker's AP report on the press conference:


All that concern over his mental state? He says he was upset as he dealt with his first serious injury, and he didn't realize he had to tell his mother where he was going anymore.

Then the media went overboard.

** Double Updated: props to JimR for pointing out that the audio from Vince's Q and A with the media is posted on Titansonline.