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Titans @ Bengals Statistical Preview

Titans Stat* Bengals

137 (13th)

Rush Offense

70 (27th)

172 (19th) Pass Offense 84 (32nd)
309 (16th) Total Offense 154 (32nd)
17 (17th) Scoring 10 (26th)
33 (1st) Rush Defense 229 (31st)
156 (8th) Pass Defense 129 (5th)
189 (3rd) Total Defense 358 (26th)
10 (3rd) Scoring Defense 17 (13th)
+1 Turnover Ratio 0

There has only been one game this year, so obviously these stats don't really tell us much.  The Bengals offense is a lot better than it showed on Sunday, and the Titans defense could be playing without Fat Albert.