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Titans 17 Jaguars 10 Fourth Quarter Film Review

-Nice open field tackling on the first play of the 4th quarter on the pass to Mauric Jones-Drew

-Albert Haynesworth pretty much ate David Garrard on 3rd down.  He said on the radio Tuesday that is the play he got the concussion on

-Chris Carr called a fair catch for no reason.  I don't think he is the answer to the Titans special teams woes

-An appearance by Alge Crumpler.  Not sure why the Titans didn't look to go to him more

-Finally a 3rd down conversion with just under 12 minutes left in the game

-Justin McCareins did a good job of creating separation with the push off.

-The drive ends with yet another miscommunication between the receivers and Vince Young

-Nice to see Jevon Kearse down the field making a tackle on the pass to Fred Taylor

-Cortland Finnegan's 2nd pick was another great example of him just cutting off the route of the receiver

-Now we have the meltdown:

  1. Great play by Derrick Harvey
  2. The announcer said VY should have put air under the ball.  If he does it is a pick 6
  3. It was enormous for the Titans D to get a sack on the first play after the turnover
  4. I absolutely hate to see VY over there with his head in his hands....Get it together and get up and cheer on your defense

-HUGE 3 and out by the defense following the pick.  Too bad VY didn't see any of it

-The Titans got a huge break by the ball barely creeping into the end zone for a touchback on the punt

-Glad that CJ was just laying on the field because of cramps

-Bo Scaife made plays all day long

-White has to catch the ball on the play VY got hurt

-Dinger's call to throw the TE screen on 3rd and 15 was nothing short of genius

-It was great to see a receiver catch the ball on 3rd and 6 on a nice throw by Kerry Collins

-The Round Mound punches it in to more or less seal the game

-Terrible kick coverage once again

-The roughing the passer call on KVB gives them 1st and goal from the 9.  They get nothing!!

-A bit of a break on the high throw on 3rd down

-Terrible onsides kick attempt

-The Titans need to be able to ice the game when they have a 3rd and 1

-Nice coverage to force the sack on the final play of the game with a 3 man rush