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Happy Labor Day from Music City Miracles

Labor Day is one of the best holidays of the year because we don't have to work, and it means that the NFL season is just around the corner.  It is awesome to think that we just passed our last weekend of 2008 without NFL football.

For you Labor Day reading pleasure I present an article written by our friend Paul Kuharsky of about Cortland Finnegan as the AFC South's rising star. 

Michael Griffin says Finnegan gets better every practice because he is never satisfied:

"It seems like he's never happy," Griffin said. "Every time he comes in he's saying, 'That was a bad practice.' But from what I am seeing, it looks like he's doing a great job."

Andre Johnson had this to say about Finnegan:

"He's a hard-nosed player," Johnson said. "He's always going hard, that's one thing that sticks out about him when you watch him on film, whether it's a run play or a pass play. He's definitely a guy who can play. Sometimes he can be a little irritating. He's a guy that's always on you, in your ear. Definitely when you play against him you have to be ready. I think it's just part of his game."

Colts president, Bill Polian, was also very complimentary of Finnegan:

"....When you watch tape every week and you have to play against him, you recognize that Cortland Finnegan is a very, very good player."

It is good to see that people around the division are starting to realize what we as Titans fans have known for a long time, Finnegan is one of the best corners in the NFL.  There is a lot to critcize former Titans' general manager Floyd Reese for, but he was great at finding late round talent, and Finnegan is the best example of that.

Have a great Labor Day!!