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Preseason Game #1: Tennessee Titans 34 St. Louis Rams 13

It was really good to see football being played at LP Field again.  The Titans looked pretty impressive all the way around tonight.  The one piece of tonight's game that was a little disappointing was the first team offense, but they weren't on the field enough to really get a feel for where they are.  We will get to see more of them in the next 2 games.

The defense looked great tonight.  They were pressuring the quarterback, stuffing the run, and forcing turnovers.  Their best drive came in the first quarter when The Freak batted down a pass on first down, rookie defensive tackle Jason Jones stopped the running back in the backfield on second down, and Keith Bulluck intercepted a pass and returned it for a TD on third down.  Hopefully that is the first of many stellar defensive stands to come.

This game means nothing, but it is always good to get a win.  I will have more on this game tomorrow.  Things are looking good for the 2008 Titans.