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Jeff Fisher's Thursday Practice Report

(On the review of the two-day practice with the Rams)

We got a lot out of it. Both clubs got a lot out of it. We had good work, stayed healthy, had a real good special teams practice this morning and finished up real well this afternoon. Now the guys can get down to business. Now they're ready for Saturday night.

(On the expectations for the game against the Rams)

What we want to do is move the ball, get first downs and score points. Minimize mistakes, minimize penalties, that's what we're trying to do. Obviously, we want to score enough points to win the ballgame.

(On how many series he expects the starters to play)

We're going to follow what we've done in years past. I would expect most of the starters to play into the second quarter and then we'll start subbing from there. There may be a guy or two who come out a series before that but for the most part we'll go well into the second quarter. Those things fluctuate, we'll have to adjust because you could put two eight or nine-play drives together and feel like you've had enough. Bottom line is we're hoping we get into the second quarter with all our starters.

(On how much he wants Chris Johnson to play)

In the past we've liked to get our first group of running backs, whether it was Travis [Henry] or Chris Brown, or LenDale [White] and Chris or whomever, you'd like them to get six to eight touches before we rotate. How it unfolds I can't tell you, I don't know, it's going to depend on how the game unfolds.

(On if he wants to play Chris Johnson with the starting offensive line)

Of course. We're going to get him snaps with the first group.

(On how Chris Johnson looked against the Rams)

He really carried over what he's done against our defense. He's in the right place, he's making the catches, he's making the moves and he's got great speed.

(On how Vince Young looked after a good day yesterday)

He threw the ball very well. He had a great two-minute drive. He got us in position to kick the field goal, that's what we needed. He's confident, making good decisions and throwing with accuracy.

(On how he divided his time between offense and defense for the Rams practices)

I was probably 65 to 70 percent offense.

(On how the defense looked)

The defense was very active. They're aggressive and they run well, and I thought they did well. I didn't see the team period but seven-on-seven is very different. Seven-on-seven you credit the offense, there's not a concern for pass rush or protection. So often times you get everybody out on a route.

(On if there are any positions he wants to see more backups at in the game)

No we're going to take an ordinary approach to a preseason game. We're going to come out and prepare for all the little things, play hard and continue to rotate people through the game with the emphasis on winning the game.

(On what makes the linebackers special)

Our linebackers can run, they're smart, they understand the scheme. They can get off blocks and that's what you have to do. Our guys, since they've been working together for so long now, they understand run fits and they communicate well and rarely do we have somebody out of the gap.

(On Lavelle Hawkins' learning curve)

He's continued to improve. He's a little tired like the rest of the receivers, our numbers are down and our receivers pushed through. I'm proud of them. We got down to five and a half yesterday and they worked through it. Their legs are tired, so we have to get their legs back.