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Titans vs. Rams Morning Practice

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The Titans kicked off their series of practices against the St. Louis Rams this morning and things got a little chippy:

While the Titans offense and Rams defense played nice on the farthest field, Tennessee’s defenders and St. Louis’ offense mixed it up four different times in the morning practice in full pads.

I love it.  Our defense has that nasty attitude that the Titans' defenses of old had.  It is going to be a lot of fun to watch them play this season.

Vince Young had a good practice this morning so maybe Joy Kat and her followers can take a day off from the bashing. 

From Jim Wyatt:

Working against a blitz, Young stepped up in the pocket and made a nice throw to receiver Chris Davis downfield. … Young’s best throw of the morning was a 40-yard bomb to Roydell Williams, but he also was efficient on his short- to mid-range throws, including one to tight end Alge Crumpler. Young threw one interception — Rams cornerback Justin King picked off a throw that was behind Brandon Jones.

He is going to figure this Dinger offense out, and when he does we are going to see something special.  The sky is not falling.