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Jeff Fisher's Tuesday Practice Report

(On if the team is ready for the Rams)

Yeah, you know the last couple days you've been sensing the players' anticipation. I heard one [player] say, ‘This is the last day for the next four or five weeks that we can beat on each other so let's make the most of it.' We had a good morning this morning and were going to back down a little bit and just have a lift session this afternoon. Then we're going to prepare for the four sessions against the Rams.

(On what he'll look for out of the practices with the Rams)

Really, it's all-inclusive. It's your offensive line against their defensive line, your run front against their run game, the secondary and linebackers against their pass game. It's completely different. Even though it's the NFL, their system is completely different than ours. So really, its work that's extremely valuable. We're really fortunate to have this put together, I know Coach [Scott] Linehan and his staff are looking forward to coming down for a couple good days of work.

(On Chris Johnson getting his first look against another opponent)

Well he's been involved with live contact since we put the pads on. But his first real test is going to come when the lights come on Saturday night. We're not going to take backs to the ground or tackle people, we'll keep the same tempo that we've been practicing with last week.

(On getting a realistic look at the offense)

Yeah, when you spend 10 days together in addition to the OTAs, they start to recognize calls and routes and plays and things. We encourage them to try to grow deaf ears out there and just react but it's hard. I mean if you can recognize something out on the practice field and take advantage of it, it's all well and good. But they won't be able to do that the next couple of days.

(On Jevon Kearse getting back to full speed)

Jevon, with his experience now, he has the ability to look into the long-term future and not just the day-to-day things. So he's working hard and doing things. I don't know if he'll go twice a day against somebody but he'll get his work and he'll get his work in the ballgame Saturday night.

(On Dave Ball saying he wants to mimic Kyle Vanden Bosch)

Well, since his arrival Kyle has set a great example for everybody as far as how to practice. Dave is not the first one that has taken notice and realizes that his hard work on the practice field carries over into the games.

(On the inexperience of his young defensive linemen)

They've gained a load of experience since coming in back in May and the last 10 days. They will gain a lot more here over the next three or four weeks. So you might say they've hit a wall but most young defensive linemen do after the first week of camp. They'll get their legs back under them. I know they'll have fresh legs tomorrow.