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Tennessee Titans Tuesday Camp Linkage

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Terry McCormick's camp confidental. Not only is Crumpler making plays on the field, he is helping Vince Young get his head out of his butt when he isn't playing well.  Everyone knows that I am a big VY supporter, but I am sick of his pouting.  We were all touting his leadership coming out of college and in his rookie season.  Last year he was sulking on the sideline every time something went wrong.  He has got to get past that if he is going to be successful in this league.  /rant

The Titans Radio recap has more praise for Crumpler mentioning he had 3 TD catches during team drills.

Another reason to get excited about Chris Johnson.

A nice piece on Stephen Tulloch.  I would love to see Tulloch in there as the middle linebacker, but he won't get that shot until he proves that he will be in the right spot 95% of the time.  The coaches are going to go with Fowler, even though Tulloch has more talent, because he knows his assignments and plays them on every play.

The Tennessean practice report from that includes more high praise for Jacob Ford.