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Jeff Fisher's Monday Practice Report

(On possible injuries to LenDale White and Justin McCareins)

Justin's hamstring is tight, we're going to watch him day-to-day. LenDale landed funny this morning, he's got some ankle, Achilles soreness but he's fine. We don't have any other injury news to report. Good news is that Royell Williams and Cary Williams are back. Both seemed to do well in both practices. We deliberately rested some guys today but I think overall the health is good.

(On if Roydell Williams will get back to the front of the depth chart)

This is his first time full-speed with the offense so it's hard to say but he has been conditioning and doing things. From what I saw, he knows what to do, he's been paying attention and now it's just a matter of getting his legs under him.

(On if it's realistic to expect Roydell Williams to be the type of player he was last year)

Yeah there's no reason why not. He was tied for the team lead in receptions, he had at least 50-55 receptions before he hurt the leg in practice. Once he returns and gets healthy, he should be right back to where he was if not better.

(On the importance of the preseason games to Biren Ealy)

Well I think they're important to everybody. The younger guys, Ealy, Paul Williams, haven't gotten an opportunity to compete against other players other than our own. I think it's going to be important. They're certainly prepared right now to be successful and we'll be looking for all these young guys to be making plays.

(On Alge Crumpler helping Vince Young in the passing game)

Yeah he's done a nice job. He understands the offense, the subtleties and details of it. He knows how to get open. He's a calming factor in the huddle and the relationship [between him and Young] is well on its way.

(On what kind of preparation he does for practice with the Rams)

I've talked with coach [Scott] Linehan and our staff and their coordinators have talked. Both fields will be doing precisely the same things, from the number of plays to the types of drills. As far as what they're doing on offense and what we're doing to defend it, we haven't gone into too much detail.

(On what he tells the players about avoiding skirmishes with the other team)

When you're playing against an opponent you take the same approach as if you're playing in a game. If you get into a push and shove or some type of altercation in the ballgame, you're going to have an issue, it's a penalty. So you take the same approach, you treat them with respect, they're here doing the same things were doing. We're here to get better and prepare ourselves for the opener. It's a nice break, it's a nice change but we don't anticipate any issues.