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Titans @ Packers 2nd Quarter Film Review

-Ahmard Hall let the ball goes right through his hands on the first play of the quarter.  He probably wouldn't have gotten much even if he caught it.

-There was absolutely nothing there on the 3rd down play.  That is what happens when you don't have a receiver that can make a play.

-Again, one of the best defenses in the league against a team full of subs just ins't fair.

-The offensive line struggled picking up the blitz again on the first play of the next drive.  They need to figure that out before the Jaguars come to town.

-McCareins has to run his route deeper on third down.  There is never a reason to cut your route off like that on third down.

-Finnegan plays with a lot of fire in case you didn't already know that.

-It was good to see The Freak get another sack and force a fumble.

-The Packers came with a corner blitz and Blackman was able to knock the ball away.  If VY would have pumped that he could have had a big throw to CJ.

-I was surprised to see Fisher show a fake punt in the preseason, but it was really well excuted.  Fuller mad the punt returner look silly.

-The kickoff return team better start wrapping up before MJD comes to town.

-It was good see Jacob Ford make a play.  The Titans are going to need him to contribute.

-If VY can lead Alge he might have a chance to score on the play he gets hurt.

-The offense stalled out again in the red zone.  It looked again like there was absolutely no one open.  VY might have had a running lane to the left.

-Gage made a good play to hold on to that slant.

-A bit of a cheap shot by Williams there when VY was obviously heading out of bounds.

-Catch the ball Bo Scaife.

-I just hope that someone can get open in the red zone when they start game planning.