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Titans @ Packers Film Review

1st Quarter

- The first play was obviously terrible.  Harper and Griffin both went for the pick instead of the receiver.  Hopefully that will be the last time that happens this season.

-LenDale has run the ball hard all preseason.  The combination of running backs is going to be fun to watch this season.

-The throw Vince Young made to McCareins was perfect.  He was rolling out, but he stopped and stepped into the throw instead of throwing on the run.

-VY had B. Jones on the next play but missed him.

-VY did a great job on the scramble to get the first down.  He pulled it down when he needed too, and then made good cuts, got the first down and got out of bounds.

-I hate when they get inside the 10 and call running plays on first and second down.  It is really hard to pass on obvious passing downs inside the 10.  Take that shot at a pass when they aren't expecting it.  VY didn't really have anywhere to go on the 3rd down play.

- The Titans defense just ate up the Packers 2s on the second drive.

-The throw to Gage on first down wasn't a bad throw.  He put the ball up there in 1 on 1 coverage and gave the receiver a chance to make the throw.  He didn't.

-The next throw was a slant thrown behind McCareins.  That was a bad read.  If he would have thrown the ball in front of McCareins it probably would have gotten picked.

-Stephen Tulloch just keeps making plays.

-B. Jones did a nice job returning punts.  He caught the ball and got upfield.

-The Packers were all over that play action/roll out/ throw to the tight end that flashes in front of the QB.

-Another great job by VY of recognizing his lane to run and getting up the field.

-The almost play to Alge on the sideline was actually pretty impressive though it didn't end up couting for anything.  VY made a nice throw with a guy on him, and Alge made a nice snag.

-The Titans did a nice job picking up the blitz on the 4th down that ended up with pass interference getting called against the Packers.  Another nice throw by VY to give the receiver a chance to make the play.