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Titans @ Packers Open Thread Roll Call

Thanks to everyone who participated in the open thread for last night's preseason game.  I was not in attendance because I was in a sports bar trying to watch the Titans game and the Vandy game because of some writing I do for Vandy Mania.  Here is the list of participants from last night's thread and the number of comments they made.  I plan on putting this up after every thread this season.

Roll Call: zackmann, Hook em Titans, hartley, nvemvp23, theologic, TrenchantTitan, DannoE, ElectricScissors, Big Bad Bulluck, jayosanne, Pinoy Titan, white02slpss, BeansCarter, gramsey712
Total Users: 14
Total Posts: 169
Total Threads: 1

Name # of Posts
Hook em Titans 50
hartley 45
TrenchantTitan 27
theologic 11
Pinoy Titan 11
ElectricScissors 9
nvemvp23 6
jayosanne 2
DannoE 2
Big Bad Bulluck 2
gramsey712 1
BeansCarter 1
white02slpss 1
zackmann 1

Again thanks to everyone.