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Tennessee Titans 23 Green Bay Packers 21 Quick Recap

I have an autistic friend whose name is T.J.  When he doesn't really care about something he always says, "Uh probably maah."  That is pretty much how I feel about tonight's game.  Vince Young was better, but his line was still bad 13-27 for 134 yards.  The one good thing I will say about VY from the preseason is that he is making good reads, and he doesn't seem to be hesitant to pull the ball down and run (3 carries for 57 yards in this one) like he was last season.  The problem is he still throws a lot of balls that are off the mark.  He is going to have to get better at putting the ball where it needs to be.

The receivers caught the ball tonight, which is always a bouns.  VY and Justin McCareins had a nice 50 yard hook up early in the game that lead to a field goal.  One of the goals in the offseason was to fix the red zone offense.  Based on the preseason it doesn't seem to have been accomplished.  The Titans had 5 drives in the red zone in this game and only 1 ended with a touchdown.  That will not cut it in the regular season.

The defense played well tonight minus the first play of the game, Aaron Rodgers only play of the game, where he hooked up with Gregg Jennings for a 68 yard TD pass.  The Packers ended the game with only 266 total net yards.

Thus ends the preseason.  I am glad it is over, and we will have games that matter to talk about.  3-1 in the preseason means nothing, but it does feel better than going 1-3.  August will have the game links in the morning.  Time to get ready for the Jaguars.