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Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers What 2 Watch 4

This addition of What 2 Watch 4 is all about the offense.  The defense has played well this preseason, even when missing some key parts, and will probably only see a series or two against the Packers first team.

There is never a must anything preseason game, but if there were, this would be it for the Titans' offense.  Since the Packers will likely only play their #1 defense for the first quarter, it is very important that the Titans get in the end zone tonight.  I don't care how vanilla the offense is that they are running, there is absolutely no excuse for not moving the ball up and down the field against another teams #2's.

This game is also important for the overall confidence of the offense.  Mark Howard and Paul Kuharsky were saying that the body language of the offense has not been good in practice the last couple of weeks.  Confidence is one of the most importance aspects of sports.  A confident team can often play well above their ability level (i.e. the Colorado Rockies last season).  If it takes making plays against some subs for the offense to get their confidence back, so be it.

Vince Young needs to have a successful night.  His numbers would not have been terrible last week if not for the drops.  He did make one really bad throw, but I think we will all be ok if he only makes one really bad throw a game (assuming that not all 16 of those end up as INTs). 

We are still sitting here waiting for a receiver to step up.  At this point I am not sure that is going to happen.  There was some noise earlier in the week that Roydell Williams could be playing for his job this week.  It would be nice to see him step up and make some plays tonight.  Lavelle Hawkins probably won't play, which is disappointing because I would love to see him get the chance to develop some chemistry with VY.  I think at this point the only receivers who are safe are Justin Gage, Justin McCareins, Lavelle Hawkins, and probably Brandon Jones.  Keep an eye on Roydell, Paul Williams, Chris Davis and Biren Ealy tonight.  They all need to do something tonight to earn a spot.

The offensive line needs to have a good game tonight as well.  The Titans haven't had any problem moving the ball on the ground, but they have had some issues with the pass rush.  It would be nice to see them have the dominating performance that they are capable of.