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News Flash: Norm Chow Wanted Matt Leinart Instead of Vince Young

Former Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow was on the Wake Up Zone on 104.5 this morning and had this to say about the 3rd pick in the 2006 NFL Draft:

"Everyone knew who I wanted and... the minute that they took Vince I told my wife, 'I think my days are numbered here.'"

Obviously Chow is talking about Leinart.  So basically the Chow VY relationship was doomed from the beginning.  What I can't figure out is did he say this because he didn't think VY would fit his system, or because he didn't think VY was good enough to play quarterback in the NFL.  Either way it is a terrible attitude to have, and it goes a long way in explaining why he and VY never seemed to mesh.

You can say what you want about VY's progression so far, but Leinart has been worse.  I know Leinart has had some injury issues, but even when he has been healthy he hasn't been any good, and keep in mind that he has not one but two receivers in Arizona that are 100 times better than anyone here.