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Jeff Fisher's Monday Practice Report

(On if Daniel Loper's ability to step in is proof that the offensive line is a team strength)

Well, obviously the offensive line is a strength of our team. Danny's done a nice job with his responsibilities as a backup. He's also come in and done a nice job when called upon. He's versatile, he can play guard, he can play both tackles. It's nice to know that if there is an issue during the ballgame or over an extended period of time, he can come in and not have any drop off.

(On the offensive line overall)

We have a group that's working well together. Obviously our tackles speak for themselves. We felt like it was important to get them both locked up and we feel like we're about as good as we can possibly be right now at that position.

(On his thoughts about Stephen Tulloch playing outside linebacker)

Stephen's fine. He's versatile. He's like one of those guys, he's like Danny [Daniel Loper], you plug them in and there's no drop off. It's important for a team to have depth like that. In case you have an issue, we have guys that can step in.

(On if Green Bay will be the best team they've played in the preseason)

It's a different challenge, different schemes, different system. Their offense is very well coached and talented and they're explosive. It probably will be our biggest challenge. Now keep in mind, as I said yesterday, we're going to play them in the regular season. I don't know how long they're going to play but it will be good work for us.

(On getting a glimpse of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers during the game)

By the time we play them in the regular season, we'll have plenty of looks. You do most of your work off the film study. The difference between [getting looks] in person and on film is insignificant as far as coaches are concerned.

(On if he could empathize with Packers management regarding the Brett Favre fiasco)

Well, yeah, very tough situation considering the fact that Brett retired very early in the offseason. Fortunately for them, they have had a quarterback. We don't know all that took place up there. Behind closed doors we have no idea as far as conversations are concerned. I think clearly now it's behind them and they're going to move on.

(On Green Bay's defensive schemes)

They cover very, very well. They're primarily a matchup zone team which doesn't create a lot of room to throw the football.

(On if Vince Young gets into more of a rhythm the longer he plays)

Well I think that's the case. The more you play, the more opportunities there are for big plays. He just hasn't had the reps I think people would have liked to see this offseason. We're comfortable with his reps and his numbers right now and, as we said, he'll play through halftime and kind of adjust in the third quarter.

(On if they will be short on linebackers with both Keith Bulluck and David Thornton out)

Colin [Allred] is okay. It just gives the younger guys an opportunity to play more.

(On the status of Rob Bironas)

He's improving.