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Tennessee Titans Monday Morning Linkage

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It's put up or shut up week for Roydell Williams.  Williams has never been considered a gamer.  I think Jeff Fisher is just trying to send a message to him that he isn't going to be kept on the roster based on what he did last season. 

Jeff Fisher isn't ready to panic over the offensive struggles:

"As far as our staff is concerned, there is no reason to be alarmed. We are going to keep working and keep improving and touchdowns will come,'' Fisher said Saturday, a day after the offense put forth lethargic effort in a 17-3 loss to the Falcons in Atlanta.

"We have time, and this is the preseason. There is no panic here. The players are not concerned. They have confidence in themselves and their abilities in each other, and we'll take advantage of the little time we have left to be ready for the opener."

Fisher would never say otherwise.  He also pointed out that they aren't showing everything yet.  I just hope they find a way to make some progress this week in Green Bay.  Fisher also said again that he is confident they can win with this group of receivers.  I am not.

Fisher's Sunday practice report after the jump.

(On if a player can do anything this week to change the opinions of the coaches)

If I said no, than what do they do out here this week? Of course they can. We've got spots that are, not up for grabs, but they're close. Again, some of what happens is out of their hands because they may involve another position. There's life beyond the 53 [man] cut-down as well.

(On if there are players who have to have a big game against Green Bay to make the team)

I wouldn't say that. I would say that we're looking forward to the team itself having a good game. We need a good game on a second consecutive week on the road, on a short week. There's a lot of reasons to be distracted so we have to stay focused.

(On if the wide receivers can psyche themselves out in trying to distance themselves from the group)

Anytime there's a mistake on the field, regardless of what position you're playing, you have to have a very short memory and you have to come back and play the next play. In the rare instance where there are players who have difficulty overcoming their mistakes, they're going to make them again. They don't make them on purpose. You move on, and that's what we're hoping they do.

(On if there is any game planning for Green Bay or if the focus is solely on Jacksonville)

The coaching staff is doing a lot of preparation for our opener, as most staffs are around the league. Keep in mind we play the Packers during the season so we're going to go out with the things we've shown and maybe tweak some things. But it's different when you play a preseason game against an opponent that you also play during the regular season.

(On going to Lambeau Field)

It's one that I always look forward to. It's a great place with all the tradition. If you get a chance, slide into Lombardi's and look at the memorabilia there at the hotel. You think you've seen it all but there's always something that jumps out at you.

(On if Paul Williams has taken a step backwards since camp opened)

No his focus is there, he's working, he's running, he's healthy, he's getting better. He's improving.

(On Roydell Williams)

He practiced today and did well.

(On the players getting anxious to reveal parts of the playbook that have been under wraps during preseason)

They understand. They talk about it and they understand the criticism comes during the preseason. People have different opinions but they understand what they're capable of doing. Of course, we'd like to score more points but they know it's coming.

(On what determines how long into the third quarter the starters will play)

I think it's important that at least once during the preseason the players go through the halftime experience. When you go in [for the half] you cool off and then you have to get warmed back up, you have to raise the intensity level and do it again. If, for example, the defense has a three-and-out, we may take them into one more series and that would be the same case with the offense.