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Titans @ Falcons Film Review: 1st Quarter

-CJ tried to dance around on the opening kickoff.  You can't do that in the NFL.

-The overthrow on the first play was a result of the pressure

-The offensive line got blown of the ball on the second play.

-The 3rd down play was a glimpse into what we are going to see from CJ.  He took a pass short pass and turned it into a pretty good gain.

-CJ showed some toughness on the second run.  There was no hole.

-Nice designed roll out on the next play that was a completion to Bo Scaife.  VY throws the ball a lot better in that situation.

-Justin Gage made a nice catch and run on the first for 327 out routes.  The ball wasn't thrown perfectly, but it was good enough.

-Next play was a run that got blown up on a corner blitz.

-Justin McCareins slipped on the next play.  That ball is a completion if he doesn't slip. VY would have been 4-5 w/o slip.

-VY just missed Gage on the next play.  There could have been a miscommunication, but it looked like just a poor throw. 

-I was shocked that Matt Ryan picked on Reynaldo Hill first play of the game.  The extra curricular activity started here when Falcons tackle Todd Weiner hit Reynaldo after the play was over.

-Ryan's second completion guessed it....Reynaldo

-Fisher went nuts on the 3rd down play where the Falcons got called for a penalty.  He was pretty fired up about the cheap shots.

-Vincent Fuller made a great play to knock the ball away from Jerious Norwood.

-I really wonder what happened to Michael Griffin to make him go nuts like that.

-CJ looked really impressive on the next drive.

-VY did a nice job to check down and find Alge Crumpler for the first down.

-I liked VY's 4 yard scramble.  He did a good job of picking up yards and getting out of bounds.

-Chris Henry should be cut.  He has no vision. 

-Another bad throw on the ball to Scaife.  Luckily for the Titans they picked up the first down anyway because of the unnecessary roughness penalty against Chris Houston.  That was a questionable call.

-The sack on VY was a jail break.  Not a good play by anyone on the O line.

-CJ does a really good job of making people miss in space.

-Nice run on VY on the next play to pick up the first down and get out of bounds.

-The next play was not good when VY got just 2 yards and took a hit.

-The last play of the 1st quarter was the pick.  It probably would have been a completion to Brandon Jones if thrown accurately.