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Post Tennessee Titans @ Atlanta Falcons Linkage

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The City Paper game recap which mentions that Dinger went off at halftime.  Justin Gage on his drop:

“I was just running before I caught it,” Gage said. “It was just a matter of trying to see something upfield and trying to get a gap, just going back to a lackadaisical stage of, 'I know I’m going to catch it' and just trying to make a move, and get a big play for our offense.”

Here is a very confusing quote from Jeff Fisher:

“As I mentioned to the team, there are going to be four or five areas where we’re going to have to buckle down and improve before we get into the regular season because we’re running out of time,” Fisher said. “Certainly, I’m not concerned about it. We’re going to identify it as a staff and move on.”

So there are "four or five areas" to buckle down in, and the opener is 2 weeks away, but you aren't worried?  I am glad he isn't.  I am not really worried, but I am definitely concerned.

The Titans defense was not happy about the play of the Falcons' offense.  They must have seen the Falcons doing that stuff in the first 2 preseason game because none of them were surprised.

“I’ve never seen a team like that before, man. I’ve never seen a team in my life play like that,” Stephen Tulloch said. “I hope the NFL looks at it and really views hard at it. The first two preseason games, they were doing the same thing, and this might have been the worst I’ve seen yet.”

I am glad that the defense wasn't going to take that crap, but you have to go about it the smart way and not get penalized for getting even. 

The Tennessean recap.  Vince Young said he needs to help get the guys looser on offens:

“I have always been one of those fun guys trying to get guys loose, but I have been kind of quieter and I need to get the guys looser,’’ he said. “Guys were going through the motions, doing what the play says, but we need a little bit more out of everybody, period. I am not pointing no fingers at anyone. We are a team first, and that is the biggest thing.’’

It would be nice if he would go ahead and start that this week.

Post-game quotes after the jump.

We will take a look at the film later today.

Quarterback Vince Young

Q: On the start of the game.

A: "When you come into someone else's house and get the ball first, it's definitely good to start off like we did. We have to continue to keep working and go back to practice. Overall we made some good plays. There is a lot of hard work that we have to do. The first game (of the regular season) is coming up fast."

Q: On not scoring a touchdown.

A: "You have to take what the defense gives you. If we don't make the plays and get the first downs that we need, then three points is good as well. Yes, we definitely need to get into the end zone. It will be a big relief for the offense and pretty much everybody." 

Q: Did you feel like you took a step forward tonight?

A: "We did OK. There are still some things that we need to iron out as an offense, but overall we came into the game pretty well. At the same time I say that we need a little bit more excitement as an offense. We need to have fun out there making that block or making that catch. We have to bring a little bit more excitement to our offense and right now we aren't getting it. I'm going to be one of the guys that will try to bring it out more and have more fun. We have to stop thinking so much and just play offense. I'm usually the funny guy and the joking guy to get guys loose. I'm going to get back to getting the guys loose again."

Tight End Alge Crumpler

Q: On coming back to play here.

A: "I was anxious to get back. It was an opportunity to get back, see the fans that I love and play against some of the old guys." 

Q: On the game tonight and how the team is progressing.

A: "We have a lot that we need to work on. We need to return the ball better and put points on the board. This was a game where we probably should have put some points on the board. We needed to stick to what we do and not get caught up in some of there antics that they do after the whistle. We have a little ways to go." 

Defensive End Kyle Vanden Bosch

Q: The defense looked good in the first half tonight, only giving up three points.

A: "We got a lot of three-and-outs tonight. We didn't allow them to move the ball. We did some good things in the first half. You know, we've got something to build upon. We made some mistakes and we have to get better."

Q:  Are you pleased with the way the young guys battled in the second half?

A:  Absolutely. I think we will have some good depth on defense. We have a lot of talent with our second and third stringers and that will definitely help us down the road."

Q:  Where are you now after arguably the most important game in the preseason?

A:  "Well, we will go into Green Bay next weekend and hopefully end the preseason on a high note. But really, it's not about focusing on beating the Packers next week. It's all about opening day and taking care of business against Jacksonville."

Defensive End Jevon Kearse 

Q:  There was a lot of tension out there tonight with a few fights.

A: "Yeah, it was all about establishing our identity. We needed to let the Falcons know we can play whatever kind of game they want to play."

Q:  Talk about tempers flaring several times.

A:  "It's hard to keep your composure in situations like that, but we decided if they wanted to play like that, then we would play their game for 60 minutes. We're going to go out there as a team, play as a team, and win as a team."

Q:  Now you look toward the end of preseason, and Jacksonville on the immediate horizon.

A:  "Well there is always room for improvement. We are going to take this game for what it's worth, watch the film two days from now, learn from it, and grow. And like I said, grow as a team."