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Tennessee Titans @ Atlanta Falcons Quick Recap

I think Rustmeister said it best, it's only preseason, it's only preseason.  The offense was bad.  There is no way around that.  Vince Young wasn't good, but he wasn't as bad as the numbers look (9-18 for 102 yards and 1 INT).  If Justin Gage catches that one pass VY is at least 10-18 for 132+ yards and the drive continues.  We can talk all we want about quarterback play, and it ranged from bad to abismal with Ingle Martin looking the best again  (If anybody screams for Kerry Collins this week (1-8), I might just ban them from the site), but the real problem is the wide receivers.  I am beginning to think there is no way this team can win 10 games again with this cast, but again, It's only preseason, it's only preseason. 

I was at a house with a bunch of people, so I will have to watch the game on my DVR before I can say much else.  I will try and post the film review at some point tomorrow.  Back of the ledge and remember, it's only preseason, it's only preseaon...

I welcome your thoughts..