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Tennessee Titans Thursday Camp Linkage

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From the City Paper Confidential:

When camp breaks, the dizzy bat race involving the rookies is usually the most noteworthy item. Not this time, however. While all the other Titans rookies were being spun around and pelted with ice and Gatorade, injured rookies Lavelle Hawkins and Cary Williams got it 10 times worse. They were taped to a light pole by Keith Bulluck, Albert Haynesworth and Rob Bironas, then sprayed with mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, chocolate syrup and baby powder. On top of that, it then began to rain, drenching them in the mess.

Terry McCormick also mentions that Steve McNair paid a vist to practice.  It is the first time Air McNair has been at the Titans facility since he was locked out before the 2006 season.  McNair is still my all-time favorite Titan.  I am glad to see that he has put that whole incident behind him.

Jim Wyatt tells those of us who want Anquan Boldin to dream on.  I think all of us are aware that it won't happen, but it is nice to dream.  I don't know why Wyatt feels the need to take that away from us.  It would really be awesome if it did happen now since he came out with such a matter of fact statement.

Wyatt also has 5 things we know from camp, and 5 questions we still have.  # 2 in 5 things we don't know is are the receivers up to the challenge?  I think that should be in the 5 things we know because the answer is obviously no.