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Why Wouldn't the Titans Trade for Anquan Boldin?

This from titanbt53:

Anquan Boldin wants to be traded. Yes, his agent is Drew Rosenhaus. Yes, he has a 4 year 22 million contract. But isn’t that around what we gave Givens??

It’s obvious Vince needs an exceptional reciever. We get that with Boldin. And for what?? A second round pick, which I expect would be around the 50-55th pick of the draft.

It’s about time to spend some money and take a risk, because with Anquan Boldin, our run game, and defense, I see the Titans as a top 5 team in the league.


Yep, that about sums it up. 

Now I think the Cardinals would probably ask more than just a 2nd rounder, but so what?  I would give them next year's #1 because with Boldin on this team there is no way they don't make the playoffs.  Heck, I would even give them next year's #1 and a #2 or #3 in 2010.

The one question on Boldin is his health, but doesn't getting a big name receiver have to be lucky for the Titans at some point?  The odds are in their favor after how things worked out with Yancey Thigpen, Carl Pickens and David Givens, right?

VY needs a weapon.  Sure Alge Crumpler is a big upgrade at tight end, and Lavelle Hawkins looks to be a good threat, but Crumpler isn't going to stretch the field much anymore, and Hawk is a rookie receiver who is currenlty injured.  Plus the addition of Boldin would open up the field for guys like Justin Gage, Justin McCareins and Roydell Williams, who are all decent receivers, but would look a whole lot better with a legitimate threat on the other side.

Step up to the plate Mike Reinfeldt.