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Wednesday Morning Tennessee Titans Linkage

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In case you missed it yesterday, Joe Horn is interested in playing for the Titans, but the Titans aren't interested in having him.

"At this point, I don’t think we would have any interest," Reinfeldt said of Horn, who was released by the Atlanta Falcons.

Jim Wyatt's report on the morning special teams practice.

The Tennessean mentions that August's boy Kyle Vanden Bosch cut his body fat to 5% in the offseason, and that gramsey's boy Michael Griffin was laying the wood at Tuesday's afternoon practice.

"You don’t want no cheap shots if nobody sees you coming," Griffin said, "but if I feel like you see me coming the whole way, it’s an even battle."

KVB is also giving back this season. He is donating $1,000 for every sack to his foundation to raise money to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  Fans can make a donation at

Terry McCormick suggests that the offense will look better when they have time to game-plan for opponents.  While I don't doubt that is true, I don't think it is a good excuse for the offense looking as bad as it did.  The defenses the Titans are facing are not game-planning for them either.  I don't understand why someone cannot just step forward and say that Vince Young played bad on Friday night.

Finally, because you can never have enough fantasy football games, I have created a Pick'em League and a Survival Football League for the readers of this site.  To sign up just go to the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports page, click join a private group, enter league #31482 for the picks and #9797 for survival.  The password for both leagues is gotitans.  Also, if you are interested in playing in one of the MCM fantasy football leagues let me know.