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Jeff Fisher's Saturday Practice Report

(On the day's practice)

It was good. We had a great session last night and then to come back today at noon in the heat, it was good. We got what we wanted, they stayed focused and with that day off looming it was good to see.

(On if the last group of the day turned up the intensity)

Yeah, you expect that any group that's going to go live should be able to tackle and should be aggressive. But we saw some good things out of the offense as well.

(On if they work on some drills repeatedly with the heat)

Yeah, I mean we're going to play during the first month or six weeks in some inclement weather, particularly warm weather. One of the hardest things to do is think when you're tired and when you're hot and so you can't just all of a sudden start playing [in those conditions], you have to prepare and practice that. The players understand that and that's probably the reason for the time off and why we came back out in the heat. It's all part of the training camp process.

(On if he likes where the team is at right now)

Yeah, I think we had a good week. It's important over the next 24 hours that they rest. We have guys who will require treatment, they'll have to come in. Nobody's going anywhere, they'll come in tomorrow night and we'll look at the tape and get going again. But we put together a pretty good week. I have no idea where we are but we'll have a better idea Wednesday when the Rams come in.

(On where the energy level is)

I think in years past where we've needed the back-to-back sessions, the two-a-day sessions, they're going to get worn down. It's not the case now. They're resting, recovering, they're at full speed now, the intensity level is there and hopefully that will carry over.

(On if the noon practice time related to the noon kickoff opener)

Well they were reminded as to why we we're coming out. They're not necessarily thinking about the Jaguars right now, it's a process. The opener is what you do these things for but it's not necessarily a Jaguar thing as much as it is preparing for them.

(On if he hopes it will be a little cooler September 7 at noon)

You know we'll play with whatever cards we're dealt. It's hot down there [in Jacksonville] I expect it to be hot here.

(On which part of Cortland Finnegan's development he's enjoyed watching)

Well it was the consistency in all aspects of his game last year. And he's working on all those things, he continues to work. He understands that it's hard to play a perfect game and he's probably trying to do that. It's a very tough position to play, it requires a great deal of concentration and effort and physical ability. But he works on his skill set every day.

(On Kyle Vanden Bosch and other players sitting out during practice today)

We had a number of guys that we just backed down today for various reasons but nobody really has any issues.  

(On if he is happy with the effort level that he has seen over the past week)

 Yeah, I don't have any concerns right now other than I don't know where we are because we can't compare ourselves to anybody else. But what we're asking them to do as a staff they are responding to and that's about all we can ask for now.

 (On how he thinks the secondary is looking so far)

Well they are communicating very well. They're making good plays. There have been periods over this past week where it's been tough on the offense to get the ball down the field, and that's good. They're seeing a lot of different things out of the offense which will better prepare them for the regular season.