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Where Are the Titans After Week 1?

The Titans have officially completed their first week of camp.  It is only 7 days until we get some actual on the field action against another team.  What have we learned so far?

  1. Vince Young is inconsistent.  There has been a lot of chatter about that on the site.  Like I said in jason's observations form last night's practice,  it is going to take a while for VY to look good day in and day out while learning Dinger's offense.  We will see him get more and more consistent as camp goes along.  As long as he is ready to go when the Jaguars come to town in week 1 everything is ok.
  2. Jim Wyatt has his eye-openers from camp thus far and they include Kyle Vanden Bosch, Stephen Tulloch and Michael Griffin on defense.  That list is very encouraging.  We know what we are going to get out of KVB so no surprise there.  We need Tulloch to step up and add depth at linebacker. The coaches love Ryan Fowler, so Tulloch isn't going to start, but he has been working some at outside linebacker so he will be the back-up for all 3 spots.  There is no player more loved on this site than Griffin, and Wyatt just confirms that he is going to be a star in this league.
  3. Wyatt's offensive eye-openers are Chris Johnson, Justin McCareins, Justin Gage, and Alge Crumpler.  The only way that that list could be more exciting is if VY was on it.  The Titans' offense was void of playmakers last season.  Johnson is looking to be a guy that can take it to the house anytime he touches it.  The Titans have never had one of those guys.  McCareins and Gage are stepping up to be solid, and that is exactly what Dinger needs.  Crumpler looks healthy, and we all know how good he will be when healthy.  The Titans should be able to cure there red zone problems from a season ago.
  4. The Titans are not the wait around for talent to develop team that they were when Floyd Reese was the GM.  They proved that by cutting Mike Williams this week.  That can do nothing but make the team better. 

This is going to be a fun season.  I can't wait until they take the field next Saturday night at 7 p.m.