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Jeff Fisher's Tuesday Practice Report

(On if he is OK with the hit Michael Griffin put on Omar Cuff during practice)

Well, I didn't [see it]. Griffin was on the other side. They're feisty and wearing pads. The first defender to him is going to front him up. As long as it's not the second or third [defender].

(On if Michael Griffin should have caught an interception during a drill against the third team offense)

The specific drill that we were working on put the defense in a very difficult situation. It was designed to, not to send a message, but designed to have to play to be corrected because we anticipated that it wouldn't play correctly at first glance. It was a very difficult play. 

(On LenDale White, Jevon Kearse, and Albert Haynesworth not practicing)

LenDale got the flu, and Jevon and Albert should be OK.

(On how important it is for the offense to get into a rhythm, specifically with regard to the passing game)

I think the offense feels good about where they are. We need to score more points and we need to do what it takes to win the ballgame and just progress normally throughout the preseason. But as far as the rhythm, we're a little off target early in the ballgames for a lot of reasons which we've exhaustively discussed and we're just looking forward to the next games.

(On the Atlanta Falcons)

With Atlanta, after looking at two games they're much improved and play with a great deal of energy and emotion and are executing very, very well offensively. They've done a real nice job with the scheme and the utilization of personnel. [Michael] Turner had two runs over 15 yards against the Colts. They're very physical. They're well coached. They've done a nice job in a short period of time. 

(On Cortland Finnegan's aggressiveness during practice)

You know, we're competing, we had to get some things done. This is probably one of the last practices this year where we're going to compete against each other. Everything else is servicing each other as you get ready for your opponent.

(On if they'll be able to take advantage of shorter defensive backs against the Falcons)

Everybody has defensive backs who, on the roster, aren't as tall as you'd like. But that doesn't mean they can't run and jump. This is a much improved Atlanta team overall so it will be a good test for us.

(On Daniel Loper getting snaps with the first team)

Well it's good because as a backup when you're swinging both ways, when you're called upon during the season it's going to be as a starter so it's good preparation for him.