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Tennessee Titans Tuesday Camp Linkage

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The City Paper Confidential. 

TOPIC OF CONVERSATION: What else, but the fight between center Kevin Mawae and defensive tackle Tony Brown. The Titans were in a blitz period and Brown became entangled with Mawae, who was pass protecting in the pocket. After a bit of jousting, Brown shoved Mawae, and the melee was on with a host of players involved, including Enoka Lucas pinning Jacob Ford to the ground.

You don't hear about Mawae getting fired up too often.  These things happen as camp goes along.  The article also mentions that Keith Bulluck and Lavelle Hawkins sat out practice and are unlikely to play Friday night.  LenDale White also sat out which allowed Chris Johnson to get all of the first team reps.

The Tennessean camp report mentions that the receivers dropped a lot of passes today.  Awesome.

Defensive end Jevon Kearse busted through the offensive line and stopped running back Chris Johnson in the backfield.

There hasn't been any mention of him making plays in camp in the last couple of weeks, so that is really good to hear.