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Jeff Fisher's Monday Practice Report

(On Roydell Williams and when he will be entirely healed)

Well, he's pushing himself through this but he's on the practice field and that's the most important thing. As far as when he's a hundred percent, I think he'll play at a hundred percent by the weekend, so we'll just have to watch him. It's literally a day-to-day thing.

(On holding Nick Harper out and if the extra precautionary wait was beneficial) 

Oh yeah, you have to do that. When you're talking about mild concussions you're going to always take an extra few days. Based on the fact that it's preseason we have the luxury of taking our time. He cleared up fine and probably could have played last week but it doesn't make sense to mess with that.

(On if helped to get Nick Harper back today)

Yeah, it did because Chris [Carr] is down with a shoulder and Cary [Williams] is down. It's good to get him back in the rotation.

(On the scuffles that occurred towards the end of practice today)

Yeah they got heated up. We got in a blitz period. It's full speed and it's still training camp.

(On the play of Marquice Cole so far this preseason)

He's been making a lot of plays out here. Making them on special teams, and he can run. He can really run. He had two consecutive plays; he made the game saving touchdown tackle and then he came back the very next play and knocked the ball carrier out of bounds. So it's good to see him make those kinds of plays in pressure situations at the end of the game.

(On the playing time that the Titans starters will see against the Falcons)

Well, playing time wise we're going to add to it, so I think you can expect to see most of the starters for the entire first half.

(On Falcons first-round draft pick, quarterback Matt Ryan)

Well, he's making good decisions. He sees the field well. He knows where to go and obviously he's picked up their offense quickly and he's been productive. He's going to be a good quarterback.