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Tennessee Titans 17 Oakland Raiders 16: Quick Recap

Preseason 101: Never get too excited or too disappointed because of the performance in one preseason game.  I think we were all, myself included, guilty of getting too excited about last week's game, so watching tonight made us more frustrated than it would have otherwise.

The offense was ugly tonight.  I don't want to see another 30 comments about how Kerry Collins should be the starter.  Was Vince Young bad tonight?  Yes.  Was Collins any better?  No.  The quarterback is not the problem with the current state of the offense.  Lavelle Hawkins made a great play tonight.  Unfortunately he is the only person on the offensive side of the ball that made a play.  If the Titans don't get some receivers to step up, it doesn't matter who is taking the snaps.

The defense was solid against the run.  They were not very good against the pass.  The pressure was sporadic at best, and JaMarcus Russell did a great job of moving around in the pocket to make some plays.  He made a great throw against good coverage from Keith Bulluck for the touchdown.

If you are going to judge who the starter should be from this game, you have to pick Ingle Martin.  He lead a fantastic drive down the field to set up the game winning field goal by John Vaughn.

Don't let yourself lose sleep over this game.  There is still a lot of work that will be done before the games count.  I will be back tomorrow with some observations from watching the game on the DVR.