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Oakland Raiders @ Tennessee Titans What 2 Watch 4

The Titans built a lot of momentum in their preseason opener against the Rams.  It is very important for th em to continue that momentum tonight against the Oakland Raiders.  Here are some things to watch for:


  • The Titans ran all over against a bad Rams defense last Saturday night.  The Raiders were not good against the run last year (ranked 31st giving up 145.9 ypg).  The Titans will be playing without starting right tackle David Stewart.  Keep an eye on his replacement, Daniel Loper.  This is his chance to step up and prove he can be a viable option if one of the tackles goes down during the season.
  • While the that Raiders were really bad against the run last season, they were really good against the pass (ranked 8th giving up 195.8 ypg).  Keep an eye on Vince Young tomorrow night.  I want to see him go through his reads and make good, quick decisions.  I also want to see him deliver passes with accuracy to give the receivers the chance to make a play.
  • Speaking of the receivers, it would be really nice to see at least one of them step up and prove they can be a consistent, reliable option for VY.  Justin McCareins will get his first chance to prove just that tonight.
  • Quinton Ganther should get carries against better competition tonight.  We he be able to have similar success?  His roster spot is probably on the line.
  • What will Chris Johnson do to impress us in this game?  He is going to be returning kicks, and I cannot wait to see him do that.


  • The defense was really solid last week against the Rams.  How will they handle a rushing attack that features two very talented backs in rookie Darren McFadden and Justin Fargas.  Can the Titans shut down this attack like they did last week?
  • JaMarcus Russell has a cannon for an arm.  Will the Titans front four be able to pressure him enough to keep him from being able to get the ball downfield to his receivers?
  • The Titans need some reserve defensive lineman to prove they can get the job done if one of the starters gets injured.  Which guy is going to step up?

This game should be pretty entertaining because the competition is better, and the starters should play longer.  Come back during the game and join the open thread which will be up a couple of hours before the game.