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Jeff Fisher's Tuesday Practice Report

(On the afternoon practice's cooler weather)

We had good weather from the standpoint of getting acclimated to the opener. It's nice to get a break and it should stay like this through the weekend. But we'll get another shot [at the heat] I'm sure, having been here a number of years.

(On the number of defensive ends who did not practice)

We rested Kyle [Vanden Bosch], he'll be fine. Jevon [Kearse] is on the mend, he'll be fine. Jacob [Ford] just got sore after the special teams practice this morning and we didn't want to push him. None of them have been ruled out for the ballgame this week.

(On Keith Bulluck's intensity while watching practice)

Well that's why he's as productive on the field week in and week out because he knows what to do. We were doing some things today that we hadn't done in a week or so and he was obviously paying attention. He can learn a lot of different ways. We just needed to back down a little with him but he'll be back on the field tomorrow.

(On Chris Johnson adjusting to lining up at wide receiver)

He's done it before. He's broken the backfield throughout his college career so he's used to doing those things. He's used to being a lead blocker and pass-protecting so it's nothing new to him. From this standpoint it's just when to do it and how to do it and how it fits in our system. But he's very familiar with it now.

(On how common it is in the NFL to see running backs lining up as receivers)

You'll see it out of a number of different opponents. If you're going to break a backfield, you're trying to displace a defender, and then take advantage of the displacement. We'll break the backfield many times to try to get the ball to [Chris Johnson].

(On Stephen Tulloch playing outside linebacker)

You know Stephen played outside linebacker throughout the offseason and through the OTAs. He's done a great job. He could step in right now and play and there'd be no drop off.

(On if he worries about overloading Chris Johnson with return duties)

The kick-return responsibilities aren't necessarily going to be an overload. It's right, left or middle and run as fast as you can. He enjoys doing it so were going to give him an opportunity this weekend.

(On Chris Johnson learning the offense)

He's not having any difficulties with the amount of things that were involving him in. He's a quick learner and he's very sharp.

(On what they saw out of Chris Johnson as a returner in college)

Well he catches the ball well. He hits it and he makes people miss. He's got the potential if he hits a crease. Typically the cover guys are in their lanes and there aren't levels of them, so if he can get a crease he's got a chance.

(On Justin McCareins returning to practice)

Justin's fine. He's back and he made some plays for us today.

(On Stephen Tulloch's versatility at linebacker)

This is really the first year we've moved him outside and he bounces inside and outside now without any trouble. He's having a great camp, he really is. He's a good football player.