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Jeff Fisher's Monday Practice Report

(On if he will be going a little slower with Nick Harper due to his concussion)

Yeah, I think when you're dealing with head injuries like that, and this is a mild concussion, it always makes sense when they are cleared to wait an extra day or two. So that's what we'll do. He feels fine. He came to practice today. He has no residual effects.

(On resting Jevon Kearse during practice today)

Jevon [Kearse] is one of a number of players that we just rested today. There are no issues from the game. Roydell [Williams] we backed down a little bit. He was a little sore. We got Justin [McCareins] back. Dave Stewart we rested. A couple guys pushed through some things but we really don't have any issues.

(On the challenges that the short week of practice brings)

I think we are challenged this week because we're going to have a special teams practice in the morning and Wednesday we have a lift. So we really don't have two-a-days per se this week. So, we'll have a good session tomorrow afternoon to work on some camp related things that we need to work on. And then, Wednesday ends up being preparation for the Raiders. So the short week, missing a day, it changes the dynamics of the week.

(On if it is important for Justin McCareins to get repetitions with Vince Young)

[McCareins] hasn't been out very long and [Young and McCareins] have worked well throughout the off-season together and Justin will pick up right where he left off. Had it been the regular season, he may have been able to get through the ball game, but it just didn't make any sense risking setting him back. So, he's back and he'll be fine and he will play quite a bit this weekend.

(On if it is key for some of the young receivers to bounce back from the Rams game and make corrections to things that may have gone wrong during the game)

As young players go there are going to be mistakes and it's not just receivers. It's a lot of positions and they have to learn that even though they're on the field, and then on the field during special teams, you have to learn to execute when you're tired. I think that's the explanation for a couple of the mistakes. But we'll try to keep them fresh this week so that they can be full speed and fresh and hopefully see them make some plays.

(On what Eric King needs to do to be an active member of the team)

Eric came on last year and was very solid for us before he was injured and he's had a great off-season. He's made plays. He made a big play here at practice today. And he's just playing well in ball games, so we just want to see him remain the consistent player that he is.

(On if he is pleased with the mistakes he did not see during the Rams game)

You know, you're always concerned about the physical types of mistakes such as missed tackles. And then the mental mistakes, the assignment related things, and then of course the penalties. We had six penalties in the game. Two had nothing to do with the snap, they were pre-snap penalties. The others we can correct. So from that standpoint, we still haven't seen some things that may come up. It's hard to say. The other thing that is tough on the younger players is the special teams substitutions. And we are planning on rotating a lot of players who have a tendency when they come off the field on offense or defense and catch their breath to not be aware of the fact that they may be needed on the field when the teams are called especially when there's sudden change. So we reminded them of that and hopefully we'll improve that area this coming week.

(On whether or not bad things that happen during the game outweigh good things that happen on the practice field with specific regard to Paul Williams)

We understand. The best receivers in the ballgame have drops. [Williams] has been very consistent out here, much more consistent than he was last year. We still have three games left and he'll have his opportunities.

(On if he expects a more polished performance from the rookies now that they have a game under their belt)

Well, I expect everyone to improve. That's the way that preseason is. You try to get better each week.

(On the defensive challenges the Raiders present that the Rams did not)

It's a different scheme. They are a man-to-man oriented, bump-and-run cover corners. Their safeties are aggressive. They fit very well and there is a great deal of multiplicity. I haven't looked at the defensive side in the game against the 49ers but knowing them they are going to bring pressure. They are big and stout. So it will be another good challenge for our offense.

(On Raiders first-round pick, running back Darren McFadden)

He's got great speed. Great vision. He's got real good ability to change direction and strength. That's why he was drafted so high.