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Breaking Down the 2008 Schedule: Week 5 at Baltimore

Titans Stat* Ravens
131.8 (5th) Rush Offense 112.3 (16th)
179.9 (27th) Pass Offense 189.7 (23rd)
311.7 (21st) Total Offense 302(22nd)
18.8 (22nd) Scoring 17.2 (24th)
92.4(5th) Rush Defense 79.3 (2nd)
199.2 (10th) Pass Defense 222.3 (20th)
291.6 (5th) Total Defense 301.6 (6th)
18.6 (8th) Scoring Defense 24 (T22nd)
0 (12th) Turnover Ratio -17(32nd)

*2007 Stats

I hate the Ravens.  In fact, it is a close race between the Colts and Ravens for my most hated team in the NFL.  It is always interesting when these 2 teams get together.  This year probably won't be any different.  

The Ravens have an offense that the Titans should be able to handle.  They run the ball pretty well, but they are going to be weak at quarterback whether it be Troy Smith or rookie Joe Flacco that starts this game.  The Titans should be able to stack the box to eliminate the run threat because the secondary should be able to hold it's own against the pass.

Yards could be hard to come by for the Titans on offense.  The Ravens defense, even though they are getting older, is still very tough against the run.  This will be another game where the Titans will need a good game from Vince Young to win.  VY faced the Titans his rookie year, in a game we would all like to forget that ended with a blocked field goal attempt, and had a decent game going 13-25 for 211 yards with a pick and 39 yards rushing on 8 carries with a TD.

The Titans should take care of business in this game.  It will be ugly, but it will be a win running the record to 5-0.