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Jeff Fisher's Friday Practice Report

(On his thoughts of the nighttime practice atmosphere)

It's exactly what we expected and exactly why we put the lights in, so we could get out and get out of the heat on occasion. It's great that the fans were able to come out tonight and see a very good practice. They were focused, intense and spirited and we executed very well tonight.

(On if they'll have another nighttime practice)

We have one [more night practice] scheduled I think a week from Sunday. We'll let everybody know in advance [if another is scheduled] but right now we just have one more scheduled.

(On if the nighttime football reminded him of high school football)

You know the only thing we're missing is a band. We'll have the band out here next time.

(On if tomorrow's practice will be lighter due to the late practice)

No, we're going to go full pads tomorrow at noon and that will wrap up a pretty good first week of camp. [The players] know and they've known ahead of time. They'll sleep in a little bit and we'll have brunch because we went late, but they'll have plenty of time to recover and we'll get the fluids back in us and we're going to go at noon.

(On if he's liked the way the schedule has gone with the rest)

Yeah we've been very fortunate that the practices have gone very well. They understand. We're going to rest but when we come out we're going to work real hard and that's what they're doing.